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Monday, May 17, 2010

Buying Happiness !!

There are times when you have a compulsive feeling to buy something and you have bought it,  felt good about it but never used it ever.

Why do we buy things we dont need.  This is because we are looking for something and that thing is called happiness. The world around us wants us to believe that we can buy happiness. 

Pleasure is the most important thing in life. But the word pleasure brings up a wrong picture in our mind. That picture is cause the world wants us to believe that material thing bring happiness.

But its not the case, there are few things known to be essential for happiness and they are...

Friends - Relationships are most important ingredients of life without which life will be hollow.

Health - When you have a meal, be careful of not only what you eat but also of with whom you eat. 

Freedom - It means a life free from any kind of compulsion.This includes freedom from expectation from parents, friends and society.

Analyzed life - It is important to realize what we need. What we want is not always what we need.

Advertisements are meant to confuse you between what you want (happiness) and what they want to sell. When they advertise a Beer they will show friends enjoying the beer. The fact is, it is the friends that will make you happy and  your subconscious mind knows it . This co-relation is used to deceive us to buy beer. 

Money dose bring you happiness.  But, when wealth is more then what you need to live is like a overflowing vessel,  like water which just flows out of the vessel and you don’t even care where it flows.

We are horribly confused about what makes us happy. If we really knew that, there would be less things we would be desperate for. A bigger house or a bigger car will not necessarily bring freedom or friends . Or wait may be some friends :P

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