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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Best bands......... of recent times

Though often categorized as metal is actually of a much softer then that. Their lyrics are intriguing , though some songs do exhibit the tinge of heavy metal, their music is mind blowing.

Maroon 5
I just can't seem to get enough of their Music. Something tells me they're gonna make it big.Waiting for their other album to be released .

Soft tracks are soothing to the ears. Oasis has something good going on.

Goo GOo Dolls 
These boys have been around for a while now, but their music is still fresh . Enchanted millions, with thier song 'Iris' , OST for City Of Angels. They have many other hits , they just keep rocking.

3 Doors Down
Kryptonite, Here without you, when i am gone , this band just seems to be churning out hit after hit.With a pop/rock sort of edge, 3 Doors Down is rocking and rolling with their new track Let Me Go.

The best part of the band is Chad Kroeger, Lead Vocalist and Guitarist has a husky voice, makes the music sound like true rock music.
Mostly singing about romance, the loss of love, or hate in relationships. Earlier albums had songs of problems, such as parental desertion and domestic abuse. Now getting more popular with popular type of Music.

Foo Fighters
Former Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl made his new band Foo Fighters . Regrettably, Nirvana comparisons are not only inevitable, they're bound to consume the dialogue surrounding band entirely. It's natural that Cobain's knack for balancing hard and fast with musical and melodic would wear off. Of course, imitating NIrvana they have tried to capture Cobain's teen spirit; that Foo Fighters creating a heavy rock album that's neither noisy nor cold is a measured achievement in its own .

GNR - All time favorite.
Coldplay - Definitely unique
Disturbed - For those who are really disturbed and stupefied. Good for a change.